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Welcome to Angels Watching Over
 ~My Cause site~

Let me be your Angel

Don't stand so rigid and stiff.
Don't encase your heart in stone.
Don't drown in despair and anger.
For you are not alone.

Let go of your desperate solitude.
Release your weeping soul.
Look up and you will find me.
I'll help to make you whole.

I have always been here,
but you've refused to seek
the comfort of my waiting arms
and never let me speak.

The treasured minutes of time
are ever slipping away
and risking your weighty wrath,
I reveal my presence today.

Let me be the hope you don't have,
the trust you abruptly lost.
Let me be the faith you drove away,
the love you gave up at all cost.

For I will never hurt you.
I simply want to be
a light in your shrouded world,
the angel who sets you free.

© 1999 Terri McPherson
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Note this site is very new if there is something wrong please
tell me so i can fix it , If I havent givin proper credit
for something let me know it is an over site .
If you have any suggestions please email me
I am always open to anyones
opinion. Thank You



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